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Post  sweetsakass on Fri Apr 06, 2012 10:47 pm

These are the expectations for the roles running your hocke club.

Ownership: The owner s resonsible for being reasonable and friendly.
1. During the time leading up to the draft the owner s responsible for talking with the gm's and settin up dates and times for scouting games. Posting the info on the fuorum as needed.
2. During the draft the Owner has the final say and who ever he wants he can get but only with the consideration of the gm's choices.
3. Must dicuss lineups with gm prior to posting them.
4. Must mainain order and be abe to resolve any problems wthin the organization.
5. Must make a decision on how long players contracts are with the GM's inputs.

GM:1. Must post lines prior to game taking place.
2. Must be open and able to handle people.
3. Must host scouing games prior to the draft.
4. Must discuss with the Owner what the contracts of playerss consist of, how long etc...

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